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Important Be Safe when you Play & Trade!

Fri Jan 22, 2021 6:36 pm
Hello Members! 

We would like to remind you to exercise caution while you are playing Pokemon Go; especially while you are sending gifts and trading. 

Some things to remember: 

  • The 0.111.x Pokemon GO update allows you to find the exact location of a Pokestop from which you received a gift
  • Although this feature is, at it’s core, under your control, it can lead to unintentionally revealing personal information and your whereabouts

It's great to be able to add friends in-game, however, with this unfortunately comes adds from random strangers. This isn't a bad thing, because the game is intended to be social. However, BE CAUTIOUS OF WHO YOU ADD AS A FRIEND!

You most likely need not worry, however, if you do, there are few things you can do to remain safe. If you're adding people from your area, be sure to only add people you know. Adding relatives, close friends and people you know within your community are your best choices. 

Next, be observant on what gifts you send. Since gifts can be tracked, make sure you're sending gifts a good distance from your location if you're sending gifts to strangers. Don't just send the gifts from the few pokestops around your house, especially because as a pattern of this, you'll probably compromise your location. 

It's highly unlike you'll end up getting stalked from users from other countries, distance receiving and gifting is therefore considered more safe than local. 


When trading, try to utilize the trading time during Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto, where trading distance is increased from 100m to 40km, an entire city length. This will ensure your safety while trading with others. 

If you must meet up, meet in a public place where others will be able to see you. You are less likely to have any negative things happen when you're around others. Bring a buddy who enjoys Pokemon Go too, so you can keep safe. Follow COVID-19 guidelines in your area when trading, too. 

Please note: although unlikely, POGORaiders.com is not responsible for injury or any malice you may encounter whilst coordinating and executing Pokemon Trading.

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