Pokemon Go Remote Raids
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Sun Jan 24, 2021 3:28 pm
Hey everyone. My name is Nic and I started playing Pokemon GO about a month ago; December 19, 2020. I am currently level 33 (4.33mil Total XP), so am getting closer to 34. I am looking for new friends who play actively, send gifts, raid invites, etc. Add me on Discord as well if you want to coordinate gifts/friendship level (GingerNic#5675).

More about me
I live about a half-hour south of Chicago but go to college in Huntsville, Alabama (a small campus with about 15 Pokestops throughout its entirety). I first started playing Pokemon games when I was younger, starting with Fire Red and Leaf Green, then moving on to Diamond/Pearl, and started to play Black but never finished it. I downloaded Pokemon GO when it first came out, but kind of lost interest after a while and lost access to my account - so I made a new one. 

So far, I have collected 7 perfect IV pokemon: Beartic, Groudon, Teddiursa, Sableye, Froakie, Taillow, and Bunnelby. Three of which (Beartic, Taillow, and Bunnelby) I caught randomly in the wild - the others were either from a raid (Groudon) or an encounter (Froakie, Sableye, and Teddiursa). I have also collected 8 shiny pokemon: Regice (raid), Muk (Egg), Machoke (Community Day), Machamp (Community Day), Beedrill (Wild), Jynx (Egg), Celebi (Encounter), Ivysaur (Starter). I am also level 20 in the Battle League - primarily focusing on Great League (1500cp). With 231 wins and 460 matches played (not good, I know, but still over 50% win rate) and my longest win streak is 11.

I don't expect anyone to actually read through this all, but just thought I would add a short introduction to this so you actually know who you're adding as a friend. Add me on Discord if you want to talk Pokemon, or anything else. I am also interested in Politics, Science (space), Math/Physics, Spikeball, etc. 

Thanks for taking your time to read,
Happy catching!
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