Pokemon Go Remote Raids
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Please help me understand. Empty Please help me understand.

Wed May 26, 2021 12:58 pm
First let me say I love the server, which is why I am a Patreon supporter and I use it almost daily. And I cannot imagine the challenges of trying to moderate a dozen forums with over 50k people all trying to post in them, so kudos for that! Anyhow, here is what triggered my question - I am playing Pokemon while watching a company meeting (I am wfh with multiple screens) and we were bantering in a work slack channel about how the company is doing (we're being sold, irrelevant) and I type away whatever remark I made and then I heard the discord notification. I look down, "Oh crap, I posted that in the discord not in our work slack" Well that's embarrassing, but whatever it was auto deleted so I don't have to explain anything. I've been doing Yveltal raids all morning and I prefer to use the qr codes to enter raids so I can do it quickly. Beating everyone to the add is kinda this little mini game I play in my head, I just want to be first one ready.

But then I noticed this..
Please help me understand. Screen10

Okay, no big deal that is not the first time I have been warned by the bot. I remember one time I typo'ed -infoo instead of -info or something silly like that. Cool, I gotta sit in timeout for an hour because I screwed up, fair enough. But then I noticed something different about this time than the previous times. Now it was an "official" warning and not an "automatic" warning. Obviously that seems much more serious. So I guess I have a few questions...

  1. Am I on like a short list now because I had the wrong browser in focus and accidentally typed in the raid channel?
  2. If so, is that like a permanent status or do I like get off probation after a set period of time?
  3. Did the policy change from my earlier warnings?  As you can see, I make a typo or mistake about once every six weeks. I'm human and a heavy user.

It "feels" heavy handed and automated, which worries me. Not to rant or switch topics but man it's frustrating after today I have already had to deal with one guy who hosted but asked everyone to add a different guy who was going to do the actual hosting, and there was another lobby that was completely held up because a guy wasn't using the account he had linked. Which I tried to be helpful and show him the commands where he could change it so it matched and his response was "I use two accounts".  I don't know what the best way to handle those incidences are, I saw other people @ moderator and just let them sort it out, but that seems like tattling and honestly I just want to play not try to deal with a guy who's trying to abuse the system.

Thanks in advance for any response. Again, just trying to learn here so I am doing the right things.
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