Pokemon Go Remote Raids
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Important Discord Server Rules

Wed Jan 20, 2021 4:31 pm

Chat Rules  

  • Pokémon topics only. this rule is very lenient as long as you do not get too off track. Additionally, no promotion of the breaking of Niantic's TOS. (Besides multiple accounts)  
  • No racism, discrimination, trolling, or any harassment.  
  • No spamming, or tagging excessively.  
  • No inappropriate material.  
  • Do not ask for or post any other user's personal information without their consent.  
  • No excessive swearing or capitalization.  
  • No promotions or recruiting of any type.  
  • No "looking for raid" posts.  
  • Your in-game name and friend code registered in Raidbot must be match your Pokémon Go profile. 

Joining a Raid Rules  

  • You can only react to one raid at a time.   
  • If you are not one of the randomly selected few that got in a raid, you may not add the host. 
  • Ensure you are in the raid before you add the host.   
  • Members of a raid can not ask for a friend to get invited unless a raid member leaves or is unresponsive after 3 minutes. 

Hosting Rules  

  • When hosting a raid, keep to the format.   
  • Hosts can not deny people based off their level or team, nor can a raid be cancelled due to user levels before attempting (unless a raid member is not responding).  
  • Raids must have at least 10 minutes left. This is because players can not accept invites if the raid timer runs out, and extra time allows for a 2nd attempt if the raid has to be aborted for any reason. Hosts must attempt again if they fail.   
  • The raid must be active (the egg must be hatched) and you must be at the gym. (unless it is remotely)   
  • You may not host multiple raids with the same raid group. Nor can you host the same raid using -host. You must use -rehost. (More information on that command can be found by using -help)   
  • In Legacy Raids, hosts must take the first 5 people that signal that they are in. Whoever was first on the host's Discord screen gets in. Hosts, post a screenshot if there is a dispute.

Warning: After 2 warning, your next violation could result in a ban

 @YAGPDB.xyz warnings are not official. Severe violations can result in an immediate ban. Multiple small infractions may not lead to a ban, mods review the history, then determine if the warnings suffice a ban. Age of warning is taken into account. 

Disclaimer: While Niantic may not have a policy regarding usernames, please be advised that we may ask you to change yours on our server if it’s discriminatory or offensive. In the event that no compromise can be met, staff reserve the right to remove you from the server. 

Hosting Notes
Hosts may exclude member if they are unresponsive after 3 minutes, or if their name is not set to the format. 

Joining Notes 
Weather boosted is unregulated, so do not file a report if you went into a WB raid and did not get a WB pokemon. The ban appeal form is here: https://rb.gy/oki0l7  
If you evade your ban, your appeal will automatically be rejected 

Staff Application form is here: https://rb.gy/sujway  

For verified host, applications are open! 
You need at least 100 raids hosted and 1 month on the server to qualify for an application. In your -info screen, it will tell you if you qualify.

If you qualify, DM @Ben Noble to submit an application! 

RaidBot Feature & Bug form is here: https://rb.gy/zy9clh

Help support us with our Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/PokemonGoRemoteRaidingDiscordServer

If you love this server, one of the best ways to support us is by voting, #patreon, or server boosting! https://top.gg/servers/736744916012630046/vote
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