Pokemon Go Remote Raids
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Important Forum Rules

Wed Jan 20, 2021 4:37 pm
Forum Rules

Hello! Welcome to the POGORaiders & POGO Remote Raids Discord Forum! We’re so glad you’re here! Before you post, we ask that you read our forum rules. 

  1. No racism, discrimination, trolling, or any harassment.  
  2. No spamming, or flooding posts excessively.  
  3. No inappropriate material.  
  4. Do not ask for or post any other user's personal information without their consent.  
  5. No excessive swearing or capitalization.  
  6. No promotions or recruiting of any type.  
  7. No "looking for raid" posts.  
  8. No Selling or transferring of accounts, nor discussions of hacking or spoofing.
  9. No advertising of any kind.

To report a post, please click the report (flag) icon. This will alert our staff team to check on the post to ensure it conforms to our forum rules. 

Bans and Applications:

For verified host, applications are open! You need at least 100 raids hosted and 1 month on the server to qualify for an application. In your -info screen, it will tell you if you qualify. If you qualify, DM @Ben to submit an application! 

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